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Savills makes an international impact

Savills makes an
international impact

Savills World Research leads the way on global real estate issues. But not everyone knows it. Savills wanted to showcase their insight and intelligence to a wider world, and it was our mission to create brilliant content that would reach new audiences on an international scale, from clients, investors and policy advisors to journalists, influencers and academics.

Savills Impacts website on a laptop
Savills' Impacts website feature

To cut through, we designed content with authority and clout. A flagship print publication, complemented by a regular, traffic-driving online programme, tackles issues of investment risks and rewards, with thought-leading articles by independent global experts. Trends, both macro and micro, are forecast; socio-economic and political contexts are analysed; policies and policy-makers are probed.

Impacts received extraordinary PR coverage across international media, including the front page of FT House and Home

"Fighting Chances" spread from Savills' Impacts magazine
"Building a greener future" spread, Savills' Impacts magazine
Data visualisation in Savills' Impacts magazine

It all adds up to a hefty package of world-class content – an innovative and invaluable resource that has successfully grabbed the attention of target audiences around the globe.

Global Life Expectancy Feature, Savills' Impacts Magazine

Email open rates are now reaching 36% (250% higher than previously, when the industry average is 19%)

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